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Clinical Research Studies

Participate in Studies

How Is Patient Safety Monitored?

Every clinical trial in the US must be approved and monitored by an Independent Review Board (IRB) to make sure the risks are minimal and are worth the potential benefits. An IRB is an independent committee of ethical physicians, statisticians, and community advocates whose prime endeavor is to safeguard and protect the rights of the participants.

How are Participants Chosen for a Study?

All clinical trials have guidelines allowing or disallowing a person to qualify for participation. The criteria are based on age, gender, type of disease, previous treatment history, existing medical conditions, and any medications currently being taken. These criteria are used to identify appropriate individuals, ensure their safety during the trial, and provide the researchers with accurate data to answer the question they plan to study.

Are There Risks in a Clinical Trial?

There are risks involved in participating in clinical trials. The experimental treatment may not be effective for the participate. Serious or even life threatening side effects could occur. Side effects are any undesired action or effects of the experimental drug. The risks and potential benefits are explained in a consent form, a document detailing the facts about the trial. Our research staff will explain the specific details of each trial. The participant must read and decide whether or not to be part of the study. The consent form is not a contract and the participant may withdraw from the trial at anytime, without any penalty or loss of benefits to which
you are otherwise entitled.

Benefits of Being Involved in Clinical Research

  • Participate in the development of medical therapies that may offer better treatments and cures for diseases.
  • Gain access to new research treat-ments before they become publicly available in the marketplace.

  • Receive closely monitored health care for your condition.

  • May receive compensation for your time and travel expenses.

E. Michael Lewiecki, MD                                    
Lance A. Rudolph, MD

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